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Woodworking & Woodworking Equipment

DJ Evans Group has been carefully selected as Record Power Supercentre showroom, thanks to our wide range of products and highly knowledgeable staff.

Woodworking Tools UK

Our UK range of woodworking products should be used by professionals and hobbyists. The range inludes woodworking products such as:

  • Lathes and lathe accessories,
  • Abrasives,
  • Adhesives,
  • Wood blanks,
  • Wood finishes, and
  • Extraction equipment.

In addition to Record Power, we stock other famous woodworking brands such as Laguna, Charnwood, Robert Sorby, Chesnut and Mirka. As a result, we are rarely unable to provide a solution to woodworking problems.

So, whether you’re creating delicate sculptures or cabinets for a new kitchen, visit DJ Evans and tell us how we can help.

Woodworking Supply Shop

DJ Evans are a group of builders’ merchants, based in 3 locations across Suffolk. Are you in need of some new woodworking and wood carving supplies? Look no further for a woodworking supply shop you can trust.

To view our full selection of woodworking equipment, please visit our Woodworking Showroom at the DJ Evans Bury St Edmunds branch.

woodworking equipment - woodworking showroom - DJ Evans

Our Top BrandsĀ 

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