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Architectural Ironmongery is a vital aspect of any design project. Carefully selected ironmongery will enhance the visual impact of the building, its functionality and accessibility. We are working with quality assured manufactures, to provide a hard wearing, yet affordable residential and commercial ironmongery. In addition to architectural ironmongery, we also offer scheduling and specifying service.

Residential Ironmongery

DJ Evans offers a wide range of residential ironmongery products at competitive prices. We supply national and regional housing developers, but also offer a range for single buy customers. You can come and visit our Ironmongery Showroom at Bury St. Edmunds to see and feel the quality of the products we stock. Our Dip.GAI qualified staff will be happy to assist with any enquiry you may have. The right door furniture can improve the appearance of your home.

Commercial Ironmongery

DJ Evans stocks a large range of commercial use ironmongery products and supply to national and regional construction and building companies. We offer product sourcing and scheduling services, as well as turnkey service from predesign stage on contracts right up until fitting and completion

Lighting & Electrical

We have a large selection of Lighting and electrical from The Anvil, and M Marcus.

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