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Building Materials and Supplies

DJ Evans Group is a one-stop shop for all of your building needs, stocking an extensive range of building materials from builder’s metalwork to plasterer’s accessories.

No matter if it’s a DIY job at home or a professional construction site project, we supply the construction industry, house builders, builders’ merchants and the general public.

Across our three stores, you have access to a wide variety of tools and materials so you can complete any job efficiently and effectively.

Builders Metalwork

Major construction projects require essential equipment and materials to ensure both productivity and safety. Builders metalwork is in timberwork and masonry construction and we work with a number of trade assured manufacturers.

From Expamet to Vista, Ancon and Simpson Strongtie, we offer first-class building materials and supplies from trusted companies. Whether you need metalwork, wind post systems, masonry support or wall ties, DJ Evans Group are here to help.

Structural Fixings

Fixings and fasteners are at the heart of what we do, and we stock a vast range of structural fixings that combine strength and holding power with flexibility and durability.

This is because they are from quality assured manufacturers like T I Midwood, ITW, Fischer and Rawplug. We only stock the best so if you need cavity wall ties, frame fixings or plasterers’ beads, you can rely on us.


If you need secure fixings, look no further than our collection of steel hangers, wall and angle brackets, strapping and more.

High strength and corrosion resistant, we only stock the best bracketry for your structural requirements. Keep your beams supported and your masonry walls solidly connected with our strong and stable joist hangers.

Ties & Restraints

Metal straps, strap bends and wire ties, we’ve got everything you need when it comes to ensure your joints are secure.

Add another layer of protection to structural framework with our wide range of modern ties and restraints. The perfect accessory for any kind of project!

Damp Proofing Materials

Visqueen is the market leader in the manufacture and supply of structural waterproofing and gas protection systems.

DJ Evans Group are an approved stockist of Visqueen damp proofing and gas protection products, amongst other materials.

Damp Proof Membranes

Products we offer are Damp proof courses and membranes, gas protection, vapour control, tanking membranes and stormwater protection.

Non-Combustible Damp Proof Course

This is a flexible 0.6mm composite DPC and cavity tray system. It is made up from non-combustible materials, and it is fully compliant with the building regulations in the UK.

Gas Membranes

The DJ Evans Group are approved stockists of Visqueen gas barriers; they come in a variety of dimensions and are suitable for damp proofing projects of any size.

Our team have experience and extensive knowledge of these gas protection and vapour control products that protect buildings from methane, radon and carbon dioxide.

Gas Membrane Installation

As well as product knowledge, our team members also have the ability to install these gas membranes to the highest standard. A gas membrane should last the entire lifespan of the floor or wall it has been installed against.

We comply with the relevant codes of practice to provide you with an absolute solution to gas protection problems. If it does suffer any structural damage, we would happily help you replace it.

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Building Materials Supplier

We offer a comprehensive range of building materials and supplies from quality assured manufacturers across the construction industry. High-quality products at competitive prices, our range of Building Materials & Supplies includes:

  • Cavity Closers, Stops & barriers
  • Cavity Trays
  • Underfloor & through wall ventilation
  • Roofline & Above
  • Loft Hatches Plastic, Metal & fire Related
  • Access Panels Plastic Metal & Fire Rated
  • Air Leakage Solutions
  • Ventilation products
  • Fire Stops

If you have any questions, product requests or would like guidance on your building materials requirements, contact or visit DJ Evans for further information. Our expert team will be on-hand to help with any queries.

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