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How To Keep Your Fence Strong In Storms

With storm Ciara, Dennis and Jorge wreaking havoc over England already this year, there is no better time to strengthen your garden fence.

Fences are relied on for protection against the elements as well as potential intruders so, in turn, should be taken care of in order to be protected themselves. Whether you’re thinking about getting a new fence or want to make your existing one stronger, here is how to keep your fence strong in storms.

Tips for Strengthening Your Fence

Stainless Steel Fixings and Fasteners

One of the most important elements of your fence’s structure are the fixings. Always ensure that you use stainless steel connectors, screws and nails as these are best suited for exterior use.

Stainless steel is rust and corrosion resistant which means they won’t loosen or stain the wood over time. Although more expensive, they are definitely more of an investment.

Regular Maintenance & Repairs

If you make sure you put in the time and effort to look after your fence, then it will last a lot longer. This means you should undertake regular maintenance, to look over your entire fence and identify any repairs.

No matter how minimal, you should always fix any breaks or splits, as well as make sure all fasteners are tight. If the panel or post is damaged beyond repair, you should replace it instead as soon as you can.

Panel and Post Wood Protection

When it comes to protecting your fence from the elements, wood oils and preservers are the best things you can use. By re-treating the wood every couple of years, it not only keeps your fence looking the best it can be but can prevent any long-lasting damage from the wind and rain.

Always remember to apply these protective products to both your panels and your posts; posts are more susceptible to rotting and this will provide the best protection, keeping them sturdy and strong.

Strong Fence Post Reinforcement

By installing your fence correctly in the first place, you can ensure that it will last as long as possible. You need to create a solid foundation in order to maintain structural integrity so, once the post has been fitted into the hole, surround the base with gravel and then fill the remainder with gravel too.

Add concrete to hold the post in place and add a slight slope to the level so water will run away from the fence; this plus the gravel will aid drainage and prevent rotting. Finally, seal the post using caulk that is designed for adverse weather conditions.

If you are not getting a new fence, you can add reinforcement to your existing fence posts by adding either a concrete or metal spur. You can also bolt additional posts to the original to strengthen them too.

Woodworking Products from DJ Evans

Always remember to undertake any of these tips once your fence is completely dry. Preparation is key, so by following this advice you can be prepared for any further storms that may come this way.

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