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General Safety Tips for Hand and Power Tools

A number of injuries are caused by the misuse of hand and power tools, and not obeying safety guidelines. It is essential that you undergo training when using powerful DIY tools as this will reduce the risk of any accidents. Here are some general safety tips you should always follow:

Safety Procedures Using Hand and Power Tools:

Regular Inspections

By regularly inspecting your hand and power tools, you can check if they are in good working order and fit for use. You can ensure that all parts are fastened securely before use and if there is any damage, it can be reported to your supervisor.

Wearing Protective Clothing

Always wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as goggles and gloves, so you are protected against any hazards and reduce the risk of injury. Avoid loose clothing, jewellery and untied hair as they can be caught in moving parts.

Use the Right Tools

You have to use the right tool for the right job, otherwise this could be dangerous. This includes making sure that you use the right accessories with the right tools.

Safe Working Environment

Create a safe working environment by being aware of the people around you and making sure that your feet are planted on a stable surface. Also, always ensure that your workplace floors are clean and dry to avoid slips and trips; this includes safely storing tools, so no cords are a tripping hazard.

Working at Heights

Don’t leave tools lying out in areas where they could be hazardous to workers below. Also, when transporting tools to higher workspaces, never carry them by hand up a ladder, use a bucket or bag to hoist them up.

Handle with Care

Don’t throw a tool when passing to a co-worker and never carry a power tool by its cord. Keep cords away from heat oil and sharp edges, and when removing the tool from the power source, do not yank the cord.

Safe Storage

When you are finished using tools, make sure they are stored in a safe place. Also, disconnect tools when you are not using them, when you change accessories, and before you service and clean them.

Consistent Maintenance Processes

By performing regular maintenance, you can keep your tools sharp and clean for the best performance.

Training Sessions

As mentioned before, make sure your employees are thoroughly trained to know how to correctly use hand and power tools and which tasks they are required for.

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